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tv   Today  NBC  October 21, 2015 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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can i gemedium coffee, cream, two sugars? medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- see you at the window. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. good morning. on his terms. >> i can not and i will not give up my family time. >> wisconsin congressman paul ryan tells fellow republicans he's open to becoming the next conditions. >> if you can agree to these requests, and if i can tly be a unifying figure, then i will gladly serve. >> and he's given his colleagues a friday deadline as vice president joe biden drops fresh hints about his presidential plans. we're live at the white house and on capitol hill.
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a 4-year-old girl dies in a road rage shooting in new mexico, the gunman on the lose this morning. >> we are begging for the community's help. >> police launching a frantic search to identify and find him. shipping wars. with just 64 days until christmas, how your favorite stores and websites are ramping up to get you your packages faster than ever. and the future seemed so far off when they fired up the flux capacity back in 1985, but that day is finally here, and the cast of "back to the future" has fast forwarded their way for an exclusive interview, today. >> wednesday, october 21st, 2015. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> ah, good morning. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. you don't get to see many of
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those on the streets anymore. there's the delorean from "back to the future," and it is a good opportunity for me to look at you, savannah, and say you are my density. >> you are my density, too, matt. i'm so happy the delorean is here. we're ready to reminisce about the future. is that how it works? something like that, yeah. >> fun to catch up with those stars of the move i, but, first, our top story. major power moves in washington. wisconsin congressman paul ryan taking steps to become the next house speaker. flirtation with a presidential run, some saying he's trying to rewrite history. a lot of moving parts. we have them all covered beginning on capitol hill with nbc national correspondent peter alexander. peter, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, matt, good morning to you. house speaker is the third most powerful office in the land, and paul ryan initially said he wasn't interested in the job. now he says he's willing to step up if the divided party will stand firmly behind him. as he privately told colleagues last night, i'm willing to take
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back. running with reservations. >> this is not a job i've ever wanted, ever sought. >> reporter: paul ryan going publicly tuesday shortly after meeting privately with house republicans. tentatively agreeing to serve as speaker of his divided party, if they will reknew the behind him. >> my greatest worry is the consequence of not stepping up, of something having my own kids ask me when the stakes were so high, why didn't you do all you could do? >> reporter: among ryan's demands the married father of three making a point not related to the house but to his home. >> last point is personal. i can not and i will not give up my family time. >> reporter: tapped in 2012 as mitt romney's running mate 45-year-old wisconsin congressman has long been seen as a rising republican star, but after hearing him speak tuesday some conservatives remain unconvinced. >> i didn't know what the event was tonight. if i knew it was a paul ryan rally for speaker of the house i wouldn't be here. >> reporter: a taste of the gridlock and infighting that
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frustrated outgoing speaker john boehner. >> why should ryan even consider taking the job after the treatment you received as house speaker in this job? >> well, somebody has to have this job. >> reporter: paul ryan setting friday as the deadline for his party to decide if that somebody is him. >> now more than ever we must work together. >> reporter: paul ryan took ten days during the recess to think about it. he's now giving the members of his party the next couple of days to think about it themselves before making a decision. jason chaffetz his potential opponent says he'll support ryan, but another conservative congressman says he's still running against him. the time is ticking, however, for not just the party but for the country with several deadlines looming to keep the government open and to pate country's outstanding bills or face default. matt and savannah. >> peter alexander on capitol hill, peter, thanks very much. >> vice president biden still keeping everyone guessing about his presidential ambitions, but, boy, is he starting to sound like an actual canned day. nbc's white house correspondent kristen welker is on the biden watch again for us this morning.
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kristen, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning to you. from taking jabs at hillary clinton to talking about the importance of bipartisanship, vice president joe biden seemed to be laying out a defense of candidacy. his supporters say they are one thing missing, the candidate. in a night honoring former president jimmy carter and his vice president walter mondale, vice president joe biden touted his own close relationship with the current commander in chief. >> i spend five to seven hours a day with him every day for the past seven years, exswhept we were out of country. >> reporter: biden wasting no time seeming to take on democratic front-runner hillary clinton, flexing his muscles on foreign policy. >> john kerry is a great secretary of state. hillary clinton is a great secretary of state, but there are times when only the vice president if it's known of his relationship with the president can speak for the united states. >> and for the third time in two
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clinton who called republicans her enemies last week. >> it's mostly important that everybody in this room understand the other team is not the enemy. >> reporter: earlier in the day biden raised eyebrows when he recounted his advice to president obama about whether to authorize the osama bin laden raid. >> i told him my opinion, that i thought he should go but to follow his own instincts. >> reporter: but that account differs from biden's description to nbc news during an interview taped for the 2012 special "the situation room" when biden said he urge the the president to get more information first. >> i think there's time to do it before you move. >> reporter: but despite all the signs, biden remains undecided. the president of the powerful international association of firefighters and is in close contact with the vice president. >> we are preparing, as if the vice president is going to announce his canned circumstances and we would not be preparing for that if we weren't fully ready and prepared
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on behalf of that candidacy. >> reporter: secretary hillary clinton had south but failed to secure that union's endorsement and, of course, labor is a key constituency for democrats. sources say the vice president is taking yet another look at the big picture as he gets closer to making this decision. savannah, matt? >> all right, kristen welker, thank you so much. let's turn to msnbc political analyst nicolle wallace whoer is of the asled white house communications director for president george w. bush. nicole, good morning. >> good morning. >> biden in a moment and let's go back to pal ryan, our top story. this is so interesting saying i'll run for speaker under these five or so condition. is that good politics and secondly will it work? >> we've been looking for a full-out hero on our side quoting the "back to the future" anthem. he's taking a lot of consideration from the republicans and the hardliners in the freedom caucus may respond to strength.
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have not responded to efforts to pacify them from speaker boehner and kevin mccarthy, so i think it was a moment -- everyone knows that paul ryan is of superior intellect. i think he showed his superior political skills. >> but you're talking about strength. he's using the ticking congress saying congress has a lot on its operate it has to deal with. we've got to get a decision on this and let me know by friday, but when you look at things coming up like the debt ceiling and spending like that what does his resume tell you? is he going to end up facing the same kind of showdown that von boehner faced. >> i think that was on his mind when he spoke to the country last night pause he said we will not be the party of opposition. we will be the party of proposition, so i think if he plans to go along -- you know, this is the majority of the republicans in congress. not the majority of republicans in the condition try that want to shut down the government and employ these tactics on the issues as serious as the ones just mentioned. i think what he did by putting the ball back in their court.
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hey, get back to me, i'll do it but only if you're all behind me was absolutely brilliant. >> let's talk about vice president joe biden, if you forced me to take a guess up until yesterday i said, you know, he probably won't run. i have to say after he talked about the bin laden raid and kind of recasting his role and saying, well, you know, i did -- i did tell the president you should go for it, that sounds like a presidential candidates trying to burnish the image. >> and shoring up what he views as political vulnerability. listen, i am a joe biden fan. joe biden still has a lane to run in. hillary clinton is formidable. we talked last week about how she did everything she had to do in that debate, but she is still more head candidate than a heart candidate and i'm not sure if joe biden being the heart candidate of the democrats is enough to topple her, but it would certainly be a race. >> nicolle wallace, thank you so much. we want to remind everybody, by the way, matt is going to be hosting a town hall meeting with republican front-runner donald trump and new hampshire voters. that's monday on "today" f.have you questions for mr. trump.
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use the #trumptoday. let's turn now to a surprise visit overnight making headlines around the world. syrian leader bashar al assad meeting with russian president vladimir putin in moscow. nbc's key simmons has more on that. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. this is president assad's first time outside syria since the war began and when he met with putin the aim may be to send a warning to washington and president obama signaling that the line between putin and assad is stronger than ever. president asaid seated next to president putin, the syrian leader's dramatic moscow visit announced for the first time this morning. assad arrived in secre last night. syria is russia's friend, putin said in a statement, wishing assad a warm welcome. contrast that with the tension between president obama and russia's leader last month. the syrian people have been
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resistance and fighting these international terrorists, putin told his guests. russia's air campaign over syria has increased in recent days, moscow says, targeting what it calls terrorist extremist groups. on the ground that has meant striking both isis and rebels supported by the west. anyone opposed to assad. the talks overnight centered on coordinating military action in syria, the kremlin said, while the u.s. has agreed measures with russia to minimize the risk of accidents in the air. the pentagon making clear that cooperation does not mean u.s. support for russia's policy. >> we continue to believe that russia's strategy in syria is counterproductive and their support for the assad regime will only make syria's civil war worse. >> reporter: but the reply from moscow seems unmistakable. president putin did call for a political settlement, but washington and moscow are still fundamentally divided, matt, over whether assad should go, already back home today, the
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very fact that he was prepared to travel, suggests, matt, that he feels more secure. much. to new mexico where police are trying desperately to track down a suspect in a chilling road rage shooting, and the victim was a 4-year-old girl. nbc's jacob rascon is on the story this morning. jacob, good morning. morning. yet another incident of deadly. this time victim an innocent little girl, an conflicting witness accounts are making the search for a suspect that much more difficult. a search for suspects is under way this morning after police found this red truck pulled over on the highway. three people inside, including a 4-year-old girl, who was shot in the head. >> the 4-year-old child has passed away. >> reporter: authorities blame road rage. janell tafoya said she saw it happen >> the truck was literally going across several lanes and just to avoid this vehicle to pass.
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>> from what we understand the cars were both moving, one car pulled up around the other car and started firing rounds into that vehicle. >> reporter: according to the national transportation safety administration over a seven-year period road rage led to 218 murders and 122,000 injuries mexico, the local sheriff says this latest incident is disturbing. >> this is one of those crimes that's unexplainable. it's 100% preventable and did not have to happen, and we need to rise up as a community and say enough is enough. >> reporter: conflicting witness reports make it difficult to describe the vehicle that got away. >> we are begging for the community's help. >> reporter: search still on, an innocent life taken as aggressive driving once again turns deadly. the witness who talked to nbc news says that the other vehicle involved was a red sedan, but police have also heard other descriptions. they are simply begging anyone who might know something about this incident to please come forward.
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guys, back to you. >> hoping they can get that word out. jacob rascon, thank you. >> let's turn to al to take a look at severe weather down in the southwest. >> that's right. this was from morristown, arizona, 50 miles northwest of phoenix, tornado almost touching down. big funnel cloud, and then let's go to el paso, texas, and show you some incredible hail that's literally stripping leaves off trees. guess what. there's more of that same weather and same area today. we are looking at heavy showers from texas on into new mexico today that we've got a risk of strong storms in that area. we've got the possibility of hail, damaging winds, isolated tornadoes into west texas. the irony is 47% of texas is in at least moderate drought, 13% in extreme drought. that's going to change big time. upper level low and tropical moisture from the pacific, and we are looking for heavy showers and thunderstorms, severe track from new mexico into texas. potential of severe flooding
7:15 am
next 24 hours. 1 to 2 inches some areas, 4 to 5 inches of rain. move ahead tomorrow into thursday and we're looking at 4 to 5 inches, and then as we get into friday more heavy rain for that same area, upwards of 4 to 6 inches, and it goes right into the weekend, guys. so flooding is going to be a big problem from texas into kansas and parts of new mexico as well. >> keep an yeah on that. al, thank you very much. >> natalie, you have a break story this morning. >> that's right. a u.s. air force official in english says an american f-18 fighter jet crashed this morning shortly after takeoff. british military officials said plane came down in a farm field and that emergency crews are on the scene. there is no early word yet of any casualties. the new york city police department is mourning the loss of one of its own today. a five-year veteran officer was shot and killed tuesday night after exchanging fire with an armed suspect. the police commissioner and the mayor said the officer died in the line of duty, but it doesn't
7:16 am
make the loss any less painful for his family and the force. overnight a 33-year-old new york city police officer was killed during a confrontation with an armed suspect fleeing police. officials say randolph holder was pronounced dead at harlem hospital shortly after he arrived in critical condition. >> tonight he did what every other officer in the nypd does when the call comes. he ran towards danger. >> i heard 10 or 12 shots. >> the shooting in new york city's east harlem neighborhood occurred as holder and his partners were responding to a call of shots fired. holder, a five-year veteran, and another officer confronted an armed man, and in an exchange of gunfire holder was shot in his head. the suspect was later caught several blocks away with a gunshot wound to his leg. holder's the fourth new york city police officer killed in the past 11 months. in may brian moore was killed when a gunman opened fire on moore and his partner.
7:17 am
and last december a gunman approached officers rafael ramos and wenjian lu as they sat in their cars, shooting them both in the head. >> this whole city is in mourning. we're mourning a han who gave his life as a guardian for all of us, and we're humbled by officer randolph holder's example. >> and officer holder was a native of guyana where his father and grandfather were both police officers. meantime, the suspect who has not been identified, is expected to be released from the hospital later today and transferred to police custody. a new "consumer reports" auto reliability survey has the car industry rumbling this morning. the top brands this year lexus, toyota, audi, maas mazda, subaru and kia and among the brands receiving lower marks, general
7:18 am
motors, acra, ford and fire at. all saying they are working on improving their cars. one other headline from the survey. "consumer reports" is stripping its recommendations for the tesla model s saying it's the best car we've ever driven. owners reported squeaks, leaks and charging problems. the new york mets now just one win away from a trip back to the world series for the first time since the year 2000. the mets beat the chicago cubs in game three of the nlcs. second baseman daniel harvey led the way hitting yet another home run. he's now hit a long ball in five straight games, and the mets win it 5-2. they are going to go for the sweep tonight in chicago. sorry, cubs fans. and in the american league the kansas city royals wasted no time jumping all over toronto's pitcher, ben zobrist hitting this two-run homer in the first inning, and the royals never
7:19 am
they win it 14-2. acing and they can punch their ticket to the world series tonight in toronto. >> going to be a decisive sgligt right. and newly released video shows this man running on to a tarmac at denver airport chasing after a flight that he missed. this happened back in august, but now we're just seeing the video. 58-year-old mark ray mar missed the flight to ohio and ran out an emergency exit door on to the tarmac as the plane rushed back from the terminal trying to hate plane as if it were a taxy. >> i'm pretty sure they are going to let him on the plane. >> he was quickly apprehended. apparently, get this, his reason for doing this, trying to get to his high school reunion. >> guess he didn't make it. >> he pleaded guilty to criminal tampering and was sentenced to 100 hours of community service. never seen anybody run to their high school reunion. direction. >> natalie, thank you.
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quick check of your forecast. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in th i love you. love you too. one minute. hi. hi dad. we need to do this, yes. you be good.x alright. letting go... don't say a word. it's a little easier when you've saved for college, with state farm. >> reporter: good morning. mostly cloudy skies through the day. there may be a few isolated showers and sprinkles, especially later this morning and into the first part of the afternoon. it's a weak weather system that will spend the day with us. and again, it may generate an isolated shower or sprinkle, but nothing significant. temperatures this morning moving from the 50s into the low 60s, although at the coastline, the numbers will stay
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with the upper 50s, seasonal for this time of year. near 70 tomorrow. and that's the latest weather. all right, matt, thanks very much. coming up, the sex scandal rocking the university of louisville basketball team. accusations that strippers and escorts were hired for players and recruits. will hall of fame coach rick pitino survive the scandal? plus, the need for speed. what retailers are doing to get your holiday purchases to you earlier than ever this year, but, first, this is "today" on
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and we need to make sure that you'll make the grade. you have to admit, you're looking awfully nice. oh just relax. it's gonna be a long time before anybody peeks at your undercarriage again. >> this is 7 news now. >> anchor: good morning, everybody. let's check in with jeremy
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reiner for your forecast, wednesday. >> reporter: look at these numbers. boston 60 degrees. norwood on monday morning with 17. now norwood is at 53. there are a lot of clouds. rain gear on stand-by for the day with some sprinkles and isolated showers, but nothing heavy, nothing long lasting. outdoor activities should be okay other than a few sprinkles here and there. >> anchor: now to your headlines. shore. plymouth police are investigating a hit-and-run that happened last night. man riding a bike was hit just after 10:00 on carver road. he had serious injuries. he's recovering in the hospital. right now police don't have a description of the car or the driver who left the scene. and police say a mother missing out of maine has been spotted nearby in westford. the 4-year-old by the name of sarah mead may have been taken against her will. according to investigators, she's also alongside her five-year-old son. police say her vehicle was spotted around 9:00. if you have any information, you're asked to contact police.
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leadership isn't given.
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37:30 now. it's wednesday morning, october 21st, 2015. t minus 48 hours and counting, people, to our next big concert on the plaza. country superstar carrie underwood. love her. l-o-v-e carrie underwood. she will be here friday so come on down. >> set the timer on the delorean two days ahead. >> exactly. >> get over there. let's take a look at what's making headlines on this wednesday morning. wisconsin congressman paul ryan says he will now run for house speaker but only if his republican colleagues unite behind him by friday. he made the announcement and
7:30 am
closed door meeting last night. plus in albuquerque are searching for a suspect in a deadly road rage incident. the unidentified shooter opened fire on another car while they were both moving and hit a 4-year-old girl in the back seat. some very sad news close to us here in new york city. a police officer died overnight after he was shot in a confrontation with a suspect he was pursuing. 33-year-old randolph holder was a five-year veteran of the force. the alleged gunman ran away but was captured several blocks away. and coming up, we're going to try to clear up the confusion being felt by millions of women this morning over the new screening recommendations for breast cancer. so just when should you start getting your mammograms? all right, but let's begin this half hour by mounting pressure on half fame coach rick pitino and his university of louisville basketball program amid some allegations that a former staffer paid for some strippers to attend on-campus parties with players and recruits.
7:31 am
"today" national correspondent craig melvin is in louisville this morning. >> reporter: matt, good morning. one of the most storied country. this morning there are multiple investigations into whether sex was used to woo star recruits. college basketball powerhouse and hall of fame coach rick pitino rocked by scandal this morning after a new book from former escort katina powell claims there were more than 40 sex parties on the university of louisville campus for recruits and she spoke exclusively to espn's "outside the lines." >> the recruit would pick out what girl he wanted and andre would come to me and say which girl the recruit wanted and i would tell the girl and she would tell her price. >> powell claims andre mcgee a former assistant coach paid her and her escorts to helped lure
7:32 am
another room and her and the behind closed doors. >> mcgee who played on louisville's ncaa championship team in 2013 is not commenting. head basketball coach rick pitino says he was unaware. allegations and is devastated. >> if there was any wrongdoing, that's a big if, and people have to pay for their crimes, and that's an if, if it happens we will own up to it. excuse. if the ncaa comes down on louisville, they are coming down on rick pitino, too. >> reporter: on monday the u of l athletic director says pitino, quote, has no plans to step down. katina powell's lawyer says his client has no knowledge that pitino knew of the allegation but says powell once asked mcgee about pitino. >> mcgee whether candid or flippant said pitino knows everything. >> reporter: a championship team and its famous coach in a
7:33 am
controversy now playing out off the coach. as for mcgee, he is on paid administrative leave from his current job as assistant coach at the university of missouri kansas city. we should note no criminal charges have been filed so far, but here's one of the biggest questions to be answered. where was all of that money coming from, the money that was being used to pay for the sex parties and the dancers? guys, back to you. >> all right. craig melvin, wait to see if we can get an answer to that question. thanks very much. >> let's check with the weather and al. >> that's right. we've got some really warm temperatures but big changes temperature-wise here in the northeast and mid-atlantic states. we'll be looking at if not records but awfully close through the plains states and midwest. st. louis 77 degrees and almost 25 degrees above average. this frontal system is going to be bringing cooler air, but ahead of it tomorrow, again, temperatures anywhere from 5 to 15 degrees above average and then, boom, the front drops down
7:34 am
we drop down to 60 for a high on friday in new york and 52 buffalo but raleigh stays warm 78, so does myrtle beach and temperatures will moderate as we get into the weekend here in the northeast a >> reporter: good morning. mostly cloudy skies through the day. there may be a few isolated showers and sprinkles, especially later this morning and into the first part of the afternoon. it's a weak weather system that will spend the day with us. and again, it may generate an isolated shower or sprinkle, but nothing significant. temperatures this morning moving from the 50s into the low 60s, although at the coastline, the numbers will stay with the upper 50s, seasonal for this time of year. near 70 tomorrow. >> get your weather any time you need, it go to the weather channel on cable and online. savannah? >> all right, al. thanks. coming up on "trending," the disgusting reason why your sweaters are full of holes. >> can't wait. and next, next day, same day, even one hour.
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for people just like you. learn more at 7:39 on a wednesday. never too early to talk about holiday shopping. >> that's our motto. the national retail federation is out with a new survey this morning and says you are likely to spend more than ever on your gifts this year. guess what. stores will be racing to get all those packages to you faster than ever. it is on. story. janet, good morning. good morning to you. as more of us are shopping online, retailers are racing to find faster ways to ship you what you buy. it's a competitive dash for cash, and the stakes are enormous. more than ever this will be a point-and-click holiday shopping season, even for brick and mortar stores. >> probably about 99% of my holiday shopping online. >> reporter: while it all still
7:40 am
battlefield is delivery time, the need for speed. impatient shoppers want it fast. >> whoever gets it to me quicker gets the business. >> reporter: a new survey this morning indicates almost half of holiday browsing and buying will be done on the web. >> as much as i can stay home and just be with the kids, i'll do it online. >> reporter: retailers are building pop-up warehouses to handle the demand, some the size of 20 football fields while amazon is gearing up with robots and real people. >> we're hiring 100,000 seasonal employees across the country in order to meet an increase in customer demand. >> reporter: but these day amazon's two-day prime seems downright sluggish when you consider free overnight shipping, same day and even one hour. and for extreme instant gratification buy on your smartphone and pick it up almost immediately in the store. target, macy's, walmart and others, all in hot pursuit of those digital dollars.
7:41 am
46% of online buyers say they will use the option of picking up purchases at the store. >> we're putting 3,500 department managers in our stores specifically to service our customers that coming in to pick up their online orders. >> reporter: christmas won't come earlier this year, but your gifts just might. in an impatient world that hates to wait, gift getting faster and easier. >> you can shop in your jammies. >> i sure can, or when i'm off, at work, either way. >> reporter: who did you say you work for. >> right. >> reporter: she's not alone, of course. a whopping 30% of online holiday shoppers say they will do some of their buying this year while on the job, an those are just the people who owned up to t.guys, back to you. >> doing it right now. >> guilty. >> guilty. >> yeah, thank you so much. >> i don't know. i mean, if you shop now, then you don't need those hour or day-type things. >> but if you've forgotten somebody. >> then you're in trouble. >> exactly.
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pharmacist about you and your family getting a whooping cough vaccination today. it's halloween. but instead of pumpkins... we carve cran-o'-lanterns. and we make hot cranberry cider with our tasty, good-for-you ocean spray cranberry juice cocktail. scary, huh? mm. aah! [ plop ] find all our recipes at all right. carson has bellied up to the bar, because he is still fighting a case of "star wars" fever. >> that's right. unbelievable. seventh installment of the "star wars" saga doesn't open for another two months but advanced ticket sales for imax vehicles of the movie have already surpassed $6 million.
7:47 am
trying to score tickets to midnight screenings when the movie opens december 18th and many are asking the question, many of the crew here, too, this morning, where is luke skywalker? >> nothing will stand in our way. i will finish what you started. >> "star wars: the force awakens" is already shattering records selling more advanced tickets in its first day of sale than any other movie, and it doesn't even hit theaters for two months. fans crashed websites like fandango and forcing diehard fanatics to buy their tickets the old-fashioned way, waiting in line at local movie theaters. the "star wars" hype is hitting high gear, with the new two and a half-minute trailer already viewed more than 20 million times in one day. on social media fans are dissecting every frame, searching for plot details or clues about their favorite characters.
7:48 am
chewy are back in the spotlight, there seems to be no sign of series hero luke skywalker missing from the movie trailer and the movie poster causing "star wars" fanatics to use the twitter hashtag whereis will be luke. >> the force is calling for you. >> with a film franchise that's earned more than $4 billion, "star wars: the force awakens" is on track to become the biggest movie in the galaxy. and those who are buying tickets early are trying to make a profit themselves. here's one we found on ebay. guys, $2,000. >> oh, come on. >> my gosh, come on. >> there you go. pony up, matt lauer. >> geez. >> i have to see the other ones first. >> that's right. >> al predicts this movie could make $2 billion. >> i think so. >> that's crazy. >> $2,000 ticket one at a time. >> i think it will be the highest grossing movie of all time, think so. >> speak of epic adventures see where wrangler is this morning running for speaker of the house. >> is luke with him?
7:49 am
is kicking off his three-day adventure, wrangler on the road. at the end of the summer we challenged all of you to hit the 3 million followers mark on twitter. we said if we hit that number we would send wrangler on the road and we came through. the time has finally come. wrangler's first stop on the trip is our nation's capital where he's visiting nbc capitol hill correspondent kelly old dell. kelly, what have you and wrangler been up to so far? >> reporter: good morning. on my day job on capitol hill i don't goat say good boy very often and wrangler and i have been having a good time with. his handler saxon he made a big trip first on amtrak, very first train ride and then coming here to the capital where he was able to check out all the sites and i was able to also introduce him to his home state senator chuck schumer of new york. we had a terrific time, and then he did a night tour at the monument, the lincoln memorial and also the white house, and i'm told there was no sighting
7:50 am
of bo or sunny, the obama dogs but he's been an attraction here on the mall, having a great time and attracting friends who have come by to take pictures. now, of course, saxon tells me that this adventure is not just for the fun of it but he is being socialized, getting to meet new people and getting to learn what it's like to take a train or later today a flight, things that he might do as a guide dog down the road, but this has been maybe the most fun i've had in a long time. no politics here. just a sweetheart who loves to give a little kiss and just take nation's mall. >> just like congress. >> so much fun. >> al said just like congress. >> taking it easy. >> thanks, kelly. good stuff. >> reporter: good to see you. >> go to, and we well. back to you guys. >> sometimes it's hard to shoot dogs in a flattering way. >> it is, it is, yeah. >> a lot of business i guess in >> wow.
7:51 am
>> just ahead, break out your hover boards. the cast of "back to the future" reunites in studio 1a on this milestone day for the beloved franchise, but first your local we take away your stuffy nose. we calm your congestion and pain. you rally the team. we give you relief from your cough. you give them a case of the giggles. tylenol cold helps relieve even your worst cold & flu symptoms. so you can give them everything you've got. tylenol the citi double cash card comes in very handy with cash back twice on purchases. earn once when you buy, and again as you pay. that's cash back now, and cash back again later. it's cash back d\j vu. the citi double cash card. the only card that lets you earn cash back twice on every purchase with 1% when you buy and
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wi-fi and banking advice, without all the mumbo jumbo. free checking accounts. no minimums, fees or gimmicks. and a top-rated banking app that lets you handle your financial needs... right here. that's banking reimagined. what's in your wallet? >> this is 7 news now. >> anchor: good morning, everyone. just about 8:00. it's wednesday, the 21st day of october. here's jeremy reiner. >> reporter: temps 50s to 60s in boston. some sun. the risk of a couple isolated showers and sprinkles through afternoon. nothing heavy or long lasting. rain ger a good idea. temps this afternoon near 60. >> anchor: get a check on your headlines. police are looking for a husband and wife from quincy who are suspected of robbing banks from several states.
7:57 am
officers say joseph carrier robbed a bank in central massachusetts followed by banks in both florida and maryland. and investigators also believe that his wife jenny may have been driving the getaway car. a milford, new hampshire, man facing gun traffic charges. according to police, joan miller tried to sell an assault rifle, a shotgun and 300 rounds of ammunition to an undercover atf agent. they say he's expected to be in court to face charges later today. now back to the "today show" in new york. ha
7:58 am
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7:59 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up breast cancer confusion. at the american cancer society recommended the age for mammograms and it recommended two guidelines of what we mean for american women. then we're going back in time with the cast of "back to the future". >> you've got to come back with me. >> where? >> back to the future. >> we've got an exclusive reunion on a milestone day for the beloved movie franchise.
8:00 am
and we'll talk with two of the hottest stars in hollywood, kate hudson and patrick dempsey, today, october 21st, 2015. >> here from north carolina recovery. >> good morning, virginia! >> aloha, hawaii. >> good morning, illinois. >> go blue. >> we're celebrating 16. >> good morning. we're celebrating my first day in new york! >> it's 8:00 now on a wednesday morning. it is october 21st, 2015, and there's something you don't see every day. that is carson driving into the plaza in the "back to the future" delorean. >> we're here. >> and look who is in the passenger seat. >> wow. >> oh, my gosh.
8:01 am
>> it's doc brown. >> all right, doc. we made it. >> yeah. future. >> i have always wanted to see one of these cars. >> wow, it's the flux capacitor. >> right in the back. you need help getting out. let me help doc brown get out of that car. >> watch your head, sir. come on over here. all right. >> that's awesome. >> how cool is that? the future." in my hand, tomorrow "usa today" features a special "back to the future" edition with some very familiar headlines and marty mcfly jr. arrested for theft. we've also arrested this from the original movie from back to the "usa today," gang rampage, hover board rampage so pretty cool stuff. thrilled to have christopher here along with michael j. fox and leah thompson.
8:02 am
a reunion of the "back to the future" cast in just a couple of minutes. >> first a check with natalie with the top stories this morning, the real one, nat, good morning. >> good morning to you guys, once again, and there could be a breakthrough this morning in a search for a new speaker of the house. wisconsin republican paul ryan tentatively agreed late tuesday to run for speaker, but he attached several conditions. he said his divided party must unite behind him by friday so he won't have to face constant leadership challenges. the married father of three young children said he will not give up his family time. vice president joe biden appeared to tout his presidential credentials on tuesday as he prepared to announce whether he'll run for the white house at two events honoring former vice president walter mondale, biden spoke of his close working relationship with president obama. he said he, not the secretary of state, carries more weight when speaking to foreign leaders. biden also changed his version of the osama bin laden raid saying he told the president he thought he should do it.
8:03 am
biten had previously said that he had urged the president to get more information first. syrian president bashar assad is back in damascus after a price trip to moscow overnight. the kremlin says russian president vladimir putin summoned assad to discuss how current military operations in syria can lead to peace and political stability. russia deepened its involvement in syria's civil war by launching air strikes last month. canada's new prime minister designate told president obama on tuesday that canada will withdraw from the u.s.-led bombing campaign against isis. justin trudeau said canada will continue to help train afghan forces. trudeau said that withdrawing canadian fighter jets fulfills a campaign promise. and a sailor and his cat are safe after a dramatic rescue off the coast of alaska. the man's sailboat lost its rudder and its rigging while being tossed around on 20-foot waves. a coast guard plane located him and then radioed for help from a
8:04 am
nearby oil drilling ship. the sailor rode wave after wave before he was finally able to leap on to the larger ship, and once aboard his rescuers found that the sailor had tucked his pet cat into his jacket as well. a happy ending there as well. savannah, we'll send it back over to you. >> nat, thank you so much. now to a major shift yet again when it comes to when women should starting getting screens from breast cancer. the advice has varied and changed through the years, and now in an about-face the american cancer society is recommending that most women get yearly mammograms starting at 45, not the previously recommended age of 40 and women 55 and older should scale back to every other year and here to break it down is a diagnostic radiologist radiologist. doctor, good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. >> you and i were just chatting. i have to tell you i can't keep it straight anymore. i don't know what all these different groups are recommending. i don't know what i'm supposed to do, and this is my age group so what's the bottom line here?
8:05 am
am concerned. i think there's a lot of confusion about how often women should be screened and when they should begin, and i think that the american cancer society has tried to set up guidelines where we're moving away from a one-size-fits-all type of screening to a more personalized screening. >> which sounds good. >> which sounds good. >> however. the issues really are -- they are -- their guidelines are directed towards the average risk woman, a woman who has no family history, no genetic predisposition, but in those patients that's where we find most of our breast cancers. only 15% of the cancers that we find actually have a family history. the remainder are all sporadic events, and now we're -- they are asking us to take these patients and start screening later. that means we'll find breast cancers much larger. >> so what is the downside of screening earlier as for years and years was the
8:06 am
recommendation, at 40 every year you do your mammogram. >> right. so what they say are the downsides and what they are trying to move away from are what we call false positives and overdiagnosis. in terms of false positives, these are finding things on mammography where we need to call a patient back for either an additional view or an ultrasound and that really only happens in 10% of cases. with our new digital imaging, we are much better at decreasing the number of false positives, but, still, yes, 1% to 2% will wind up with a biopsy, but can i tell you in my practice and generally speaking to physicians that take care of patients, we are able to with those additional views limit patient having biopsies and when they do have a biopsy and it's benign, they breathe a sigh of relief, and no one would want to miss finding breast cancer early. >> i'm out of time but i have to ask, always an admonition, talk to your doctor and get a
8:07 am
mammogram if you want, but will insurance pay for it if it's not a recommendation? >> right now these are guidelines and nothing is written in stone. talk to your doctor. we don't know what insurance companies will do. there's a lot of uncertainty and there's a lot of anger. >> appreciate it. thanks very much. matt, over to you. >> coming up, the former oscar host who could be returning to that role next year, and we're going back in time with an exclusive "back to the future"
8:08 am
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8:11 am
back now at 8:12. how is the delorean? >> awesome to drive. >> it was. >> great christopher lloyd on a day like today, so cool. checked so many boxes. >> carson's dream sequence. >> get up to 108 miles per hour. >> no, not quite. got it to 8. >> it looked fun. if you think your living space is cramped, take a look at this truck. it looks like any other, right this. >> sure. >> it's not this. truck is actually home for a 23-year-old man who works for google. actually pashlgd right outside the headquarters of google. the guy's name is brandon. he is not poor. he's just doing this to save money on rent. brandon says he was paying about $2,000 a month in rent. he says he was almost never
8:12 am
about $10,000. he's got 128 square feet of living space. there's a dresser, a coat rack and a bed. >> and a giant turtle on the bed. >> and a giant turtle on the bed. what does he do about the basics and the bathroom and the kitchen? >> well, brandon eats and bathes at office. apparently google gives a lot of perks to employees like unlimited food, free gym access and laundry services and this is how he's making his life. >> if you're going to do it, park a little ways away so you feel like you're getting away. >> saves money on gas. >> restroom in the middle of the sgligt if we parked a truck right here, do you think they would let us? >> we can do a little better on the decorating though. >> he's a guy. he's 23 years old. >> just saying it needs a little tlc. >> had to make his bed for the photo shoot. >> it will be hard to bring a girl will. >> let's go back to the truck.
8:13 am
>> and now to the guy who actually did what so many of us had dreamed of doing at airport. natalie mentioned this earlier this the show. this man missed his plane in denver and burst through an emergency door and ran on the tarmac to stop the plane. there he. >> that's not a regional commuter. >> that's a big plane. >> well, he pleaded guilty this week to misdemeanor tampering and got 100 hours of community service. i got to tell you, i can relate to the feeling, can't you? wanting to just stop that plane, yeah. >> but there's nothing worse when you arrive and the gates are already closed and you're like sorry. >> the plane doesn't leave for 20 minute. >> it's just sitting there, can't you just open the door again, please. >> don't run out to it. >> don't do that. >> spent a little time at the bar beforehand. >> probably right. >> exactly right. >> all right. you ever pull out your sweaters in the fall and then you look and you see there's all those little holes at them after they have been stashed away for the summer.
8:14 am
>> they are not only one to blame. huffington post says moths like to lay their eggs in dark animals like animal fibers of wool, cashmere and silk make g ing it the perfect place for breeding. you know what those eggs turn into, larvae, not that. we would love those. they actually look like that and to stop the infestation wash your clothes in very hot water and vacuum your closets and your carpets. >> i like the little larry larvae cartoon guy. that would be okay. he's cute. >> i like that. now to news about just who might be hosting the oscars and the pop star whose dance moves are going viral this morning. carson, your turn. >> we start off on news with a possible host for the oscars. producers initially wanted two people at the helm and now all speculation is swirling around one man, chris rock in talk with producers and "variety" is
8:15 am
is expected shortly. the academy is declining to comment and it wouldn't be the first time that chris ran the show. last hosted in 2005 and would follow this year's host neil patrick harris. >> i like it. >> love it. >> next to daniel radcliffe opening up to about his past struggles with alcohol and the reasons for it, listen to what he told "playboy" magazine, any time i would go out to dance camera phones would make me come out and that would make me feel self-conscious and what's the easiest way to ease the feeling self-conscious, alcohol and daniel has overcome the odds of being a childhood star saying because he truly loves acting and would never jeopardize that. finally drake, the singer released a music video for his song "hotline bling" and his dance moves have a lot of people talking, unique to said least. the internet had some fun with them.
8:16 am
>> very theatrical song there. led memes didn't end, some comparing his moves to elaine's unforgettable dance in "seinfeld." there you go. >> i think that's a great move. >> i think he's got good moves. >> all right, carson, thank you very much. mr. roker a check of the weather. >> what's going on, flooding rains that we're expecting in texas later on this week starting today, in fact into the weekend. we could see anywhere from 5 to 7 inches of rain from dallas to car pus kristi and extending on up into oklahoma. all right. how about a little "back to the future" music. that's right. thanks to our friends at climate central, new york city, we're going to take you temperatures to the future, that's right. between 1956 and 1985, the average temperature in new york
8:17 am
from '86 to '2015 it's risen to 55.5 inches and if we continue at this pace which we expect by 20459 average temperature 57.4 degrees. future? that >> reporter: good morning. mostly cloudy skies through the day. there may be a few isolated showers and sprinkles, especially later this morning and into the first part of the afternoon. it's a weak weather system that will spend the day with us. and again, it may generate an isolated shower or sprinkle, but nothing significant. temperatures this morning moving from the 50s into the low 60s, although at the coastline, the numbers will stay with the upper 50s, seasonal for this time of year. near 70 tomorrow. >> and that's your late weather. matt. >> here we go, october 21st, 2015, a day that fans of the "back to the future" trilogy
8:18 am
this is the day in part 2, remember, that marty mcfly and doc brown travel 30 years into the future. it was also 30 years ago this year that the first movie in this franchise was released. michael j. fox, christopher lloyd handleyia thomp ia and lea thompson are joining us. how is it that you haven't aged a bit, not one of you. >> well, i like to joke that one prediction that "back to the future"-2-got right is that marty mcfly would have a receding airlinine, and that's happened. >> and it worked. >> it's happened. it's come true. >> the story goes that the original script for the original movie got rejected dozens of times. people just thought it was too far out there. when you guys first read the script with time traveling deloreans and flex capacitor, what did you think? >> it was a great script. i mean, i -- i always had a strange sense of humor, so the
8:19 am
character that was madly in heat for her own son. >> i'm glad you switched that. >> which was pretty much, you know, i think why the film was rejected in a lot of -- definitely by disney. i just thought it was like a crazy story, and it was a perfect script. >> when you have names like robert zemekis and steven spielberg attached to the project, does that take a lot of fear out of it? >> absolutely. when i came in there was another actor who did like nine weeks on the movie and then they brought me in and so i -- i didn't see a lot of the early foundational stuff that was done. i kind of got thrown in and got the script and read it and thought it was fantastic and then i was on the set shooting and it was like it happened so fast so i kind of discovered in the process of doing, it wow, these guys know their stuff. it was just an amazing experience. >> christopher, you said that when you saw michael on set and you guys started working together, it was a version of
8:20 am
>> well, they often ask you about the chemistry. i just felt we had a chemistry from the instant we walked on the set. >> the so shameless. >> so happy to see each other, but -- but never had to be manufactured. nobody had to say, you know, work for this kind of, you know, chemistry. it just was there. it was innate, and -- and it was wonderful. >> let me go back to what you said a second ago, lea. you have to remember you were playing lorraine, a character works technically falls in love with her own son. >> literally. >> literally that. can have a huge ick factor to it if not taken and played the right way. >> right. >> and yet you play it for laughs. how hard was it in. >> well, you know, it was the '80s i was not lorraine mcfly so it was interesting to get to that weird kind of -- i had to sing "mr. sandman" to get into character. mr. sandman and i would get into
8:21 am
in, and to make that character work, to make it innocent yet, you know, horny. >> she was like a delorean filled with hormones this, girl. >> yeah. >> what lines do people recite to you all the time when they come up to you if they want to talk about "back to the future," is there a line of yours that they always say to you, christopher? >> oh, where we're going we don't need roads. >> lea. >> you're my density. >> you're my density. >> and mcfly, you irish bug. >> yeah, yeah. >> and mcfly, you irish bug. >> october 21st, 2015, significant in the second movie because that's the date you go to in the future, and, of course, a lot of the people now like to go back and look at things that were predict the in the move to see if they came true. i'll go through the list. you raise your hanchltds true or not true, hover boards. >> yes they are true. in canada they kind of have one. >> a version of them, but not like --
8:22 am
>> close. >> because they have a magnetic thing. it's not the free ranging thing as in the movie. >> partial credit we'll give you for that one. >> drones. >> yeah. >> everywhere. >> flying cars? >> no. >> i mean, they could exist. people just don't -- i don't think they want to do it. >> cars that drive themselves which is almost as impressive. >> and the cubs winning the world series. >> wish they weren't plight mets. >> it's pretty crazy. >> you said if the cubs make it to the world series you would like to throw out a first pitch. >> i didn't say that. >> no. >> it's been suggested. >> would you like to? >> i suppose. i mean, how do you turn down such an offer, you know. >> where does it rank, the trilogy and in particular the first one, the first experience with "back to the future," where does it range in terms of when you look pack at your careers and the things that pleased you and made you smile? >> kind of monumental. i mean, the whole experience. i mean, here we are 30 years later and doesn't seem to have
8:23 am
lost any momentum, and, i mean, it's amazing. >> michael? >> "family ties" and "back to the future" were like two amazing things that happened in one lifetime and marty mcfly and alex keaton, the chance to play both of those characters is a privilege that i'll never -- i can't be grateful enough for. >> happy anniversary, guys. >> yay. >> and we want to tell people that the "back to the future" trilogy 30th anniversary edition on blu-ray and dvd is in stores savannah? >> matt, thank you so much. hudson. did you love "back to the future" as a kid in. >> forget it. still, my kids' favorites. >> we have a delorean out on the >> absolutely. i love it.
8:24 am
>> this is 7news now. >> anchor: good morning, everyone. it's 8:27 on this wednesday morning, a nice fall day on tap, jeremy. >> reporter: that's correct. nashua 49. a lot of clouds across southern new england and at times, like yesterday, a few sprinkles, a few spritzes of rain, nothing significant or long lasting. upper 50s at the coast. low 60s further inland. much the same tomorrow, but warmer tomorrow, low 70s tomorrow. >> anchor: all right. our top stories. police investigating a hit and run in plymouth. man was hit just after 10:00 on carver road. he has serious injuries but is recovering in the hospital. police do not have a description
8:25 am
of that car or driver that left the scene. police say a mother missing out of maine has been spotted in westford. 34-year-old sarah mead may have been taken against her will. according to investigators, she's with her five-year-old son. police say her car was spotted around 9:00 last night. police at bridgewater state university have released a composite sketch of man suspected of sexually assaulting a female freshman at the school sunday night. police say they have also increased the number of patrols and are reviewing surveillance footage. "today in new england" returns at 9:00. we'll see you then. [ female announcer ] business travel isn't
8:26 am
just about the going. it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging, do business travel on your terms.
8:27 am
>> 8:30 now. it is wednesday, october 21st, 2015. quite a famous date, and we've got a delorean on our plaza this morning. it's "back to the future" day right here on our plaza. looks pretty good. looks fancy. >> mm-hmm. >> and dry. >> sweet. >> as in bonus. >> already this week we've done pizzas, we've done burgers on the what the heck are you eating week trying to make healthy alternatives. today, joy bauer tackles frozen yogurt. you often teeth thinking it's
8:28 am
better than a bowl of ice cream but is that the case? >> unless you saw the "seinfeld" episode. >> i live next to that frozen yogurt place. >> and two stars, oscar nomineecates hudson here to talk about her new comedy with bill murray "rock the kasbah". >> and joan lunden here to catch up with patrick dempsey. what he's doing to honor his mom elegacy and what he revealed to screen about the next bridget jones movie. >> first a check of the weather. >> let's show you what we've got starting off. a risk of strong storms through the southwest. wet weather there as well. showers in the pacific northwest. we're looking at beautiful weather in the mid-atlantic, northeast, maybe a sprinkle or two in northern new england and then for tomorrow rip currents along the gulf coast, heavy rain, texas, kansas, oklahoma on into new mexico and showers into the open plains and beautiful in the west coast and look for sunshine and warmer conditions down >> reporter: good morning.
8:29 am
mostly cloudy skies through the day. there may be a few isolated showers and sprinkles, especially later this morning and into the first part of the afternoon. it's a weak weather system that will spend the day with us. and again, it may generate an isolated shower or sprinkle, but nothing significant. temperatures this morning moving from the 50s into the low 60s, although at the coastline, the numbers will stay with the upper 50s, seasonal for this time of year. near 70 tomorrow. >> that's your late weather. what's your name, sweet sme. >> elise. >> nice to see you. having a good time? >> mm-hmm. >> we've got an exclusive for you, elise, an outtake for everyone to check out with last night's "best time ever" with neil patrick harris. neil with the help of jane krakowski with voices in his
8:30 am
>> jesse has no idea what's in this bedroom. >> as a kid i used to love to go to chuck-e-cheese. >> as a kid i used to love to go to chuck-e-cheese. >> can we do a bounce room? >> the what's a bounce room? >> i'll show you. >> the balls. >> all balls, balls, balls, balls. >> come in here, steve. >> come on, get in. >> oh, steve. oh, steve. >> stay with me steve. >> they are so cruel. well, you can catch "the best time ever" with enharris tuesdays at 8:00, 7:00 central right here on nbc. guys. >> still not speaking to him. >> all right. a thank you very much. kathie lee and hoda are with us now. i want to talk about a great event that we attended at the waldorf astoria hotel last night. kathie lee's induction into the broadcasting and cable hall of fame. >> yay. >> very well done.
8:31 am
>> i can't believe. >> by the way, your speech was so wonderful. it was the perfect combination of humor and heartfelt sentiment. >> thank you. >> it was real nice. did you have a good time? >> it's kind of thing you dread, you know, because you're in it, in it like 20 years or something, maybe you don't even remember, but you dread it because so many things can go wrong. you dread it because it's -- i'd rather give an award than receive one, wouldn't you? except for hoda. it's just easier, it's easier, but i -- it is a huge honor. best part of evening was that they also honored frank. i think it's the only hall of fame he's not yet in, so my children -- our children were there to receive it for their dad so it was going to be difficult for me emotionally. if it had just been me, then you keep it all in perspective but the fact it was to honor, frank, too, for all his accomplishments and everything -- and bob iger and, you know, dr. phil, just a lot of -- it was great company, you know.
8:32 am
a lot of industry people you wouldn't know their names or their contributions, burr they are captains of industry, and so just delighted to be -- >> and we should mention hoda and regis and david muir, hoda and regis. regis was in rare form. malfunction. >> i did, i did. >> on the red carpet. >> let me see that picture again because we want to the witness t.what the happened, your button popped? >> a massive bulging chest. fantastic. >> we're protecting him from the paparazzi. >> yes, we did. congratulations. >> congrats. >> thanks for being there, guys. you have to be -- >> honored to be there. thank you, everybody. >> kathie lee posse. >> felt the love. coming up next, is frozen yogurt really better for you than ice cream? for us? >> never, never. >> killjoy bauer.
8:33 am
that's coming up next, but first this is "today" on nbc.
8:34 am
for the girl scout meeting... ok! for the soccer team... for the girl scout meeting... how many meetings are you having?! stop & shop just dropped prices on thousands more items. which makes the checkout lane, victory lane.
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>> we are back at 8:38. time for our special series what the heck are you eating where we give you healthier options to some of our favorite foods. this morning frozen yogurt is on joy lawyer's menu. >> there's nothing like a creamy dreamy frozen dessert, and in response to our love affair with ice cream and determination to stay slim and fit frozen yogurt shops can be found on practically every street corner and in every shopping mall but is frozen yogurt really better than ice cream? check this out a medium fro-yo with two tablespoons of each chocolate sprinkles and granola clocks in at 400 calories, that's the equivalent of eating eight chocolate chip cookies or
8:36 am
an indulgent slice of apple pie and for comparison sake the same size of full fat ice cream with same topping weighs in at 710 calories. feel a brain freeze coming on? i'm not surprised. here's what you need to know. first, the difference between ice cream and frozen yogurt. regular ice cream is are a mix of full fat dairy products, classically cream and whole milk mingled with sugered a and flavoring. to be considered ice cream, it must contain at least 10% milk fat, but many popular brands have significantly more fat which drives up the calories. on the other hand, light or reduced-fat ice cream and frozen yogurt are made with the very same ingredients as regular ice cream but this time manufacturers use low-fat or fat-free dairy products in the mix, and typically the swap from full fat to low-fat dairy drives the calories way down. so these lighter options tend to be much more figure friendly.
8:37 am
frozen yogurt differs from ice cream because it has yogurt cultures added. these cultures can help increase the good bacteria in your stomach and reduce the risk for certain digestive issues. all things considered, frozen yogurt and light ice cream end up being pretty darn similar, so i say go for whichever you prefer best. and if you're eating it regularly, stick with a small and enjoy one tablespoon of any delicious topping to avoid packing on the pounds. that original calorie portion which weighed in at 400 is now just 180. light, lean and satisfying. now that you know what the heck you're eating enjoy every dreamy creamy bite. mmm. >> joy, i can't believe you let us have topping, i'm in shock. >> first of all, i'm crazy for all thingsize cream, frozen yogurt, regular ice cream so i was on a mission to make this work.
8:38 am
>> a few tricks for controlling portion size because that tend to trip people up. when you're at home scooping in hard packs, invest in some pretty smaller ramekins or bowl because one scoop, which is about half a cup serving that's what the nutrition stats are for appealing. if this was in a larger bowl it would look measly and then you add a second or third and then the calories and sugar >> what's this? >> we're at a frozen yogurt shop. i made two look-alike frozen yogurt. the same, vanilla, this is 200 and this one is only 100 calories, how come, cafna, what did i do, oh, i know what you did. >> you put fruit in the bottom of one of those. >> i know you, joy bauer and the little tricks. >> fill the bottom portion of the cup with fruit and tn you'll substantially decreates calories but you'll still have the nice hardy portion. >> a good idea.
8:39 am
free so what about cones, this cone is a waiver cone, just 20 calories and standard sugar cone no big deal and when you get up to a waffle cone, this is a little bit more, 160, and if it's chocolate covered it's in danger territory and 320. look how big it is. >> it's huge. >> we love topping. >> when it comes to fresh fruit go for it. they are super low callry. other than fresh fruit the best most healthiest topping will be granola, nuts and dark chocolate tips. all of the toppings, even the not so healthy topping like marshmallow and oreos and sprinkles, whatever you put in on average will clock in at about 50 calories per table spoofnlt keep in mind when you request a topping, the person that is preparing it for you will generally put on two tablespoons per request so just say one table spoofn whatever you want and you're good to go. not so bad. i'm not so bad.
8:40 am
>> you aren't that bad. >> what an endorsement. joy, thank you so much. >> i mean, i'm great. >> we love her. find all of her tips and recipes on coming up next, kate hudson live
8:41 am
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feel bad about lying. nap time. i got her. seriously? i feel like i just woke up. ha ha ha! fully cooked johnsonville breakfast sausage. we don't make sausage. we make family. and sausage. we're back now with oscar-nominated actress kate hudson who stars in the moviere redads bar who plays a prostitute when he finds himself in afghanistan. take a look. >> i like your dress. >> i bet. >> sparkling, huh? >> i'm mercy with an "m." >> the can you sing?
8:43 am
to you are illegal in every civilized. >> don't get all bashful now. you're the one who shot the movie. kate, good to see you, merci with an "i." >> how does she end up in afghanistan with a hooker? >> where the money was at, i guess, so she just wanted to boat out and move on. called it retiring. >> called it her 401(k) trip. >> and then she's going to be a real estate agent. >> because you play a prostitute some of the dangerous questions with dangerous like how did you prepare to the role and did it come easily to you and things like that? >> we should stay away from that. >> did you like playing her? >> yeah, i enjoyed it, because it was -- it was fun. you know. i -- i think, you know, it allowed me to work with one of my heros, you know, which is bill murray in a way i probably never would have been normally been able to work with him, you know, where we goat sort of have an intimate relationship in a very bizarre circumstance.
8:44 am
>> everybody thinks of him as this off-the-charts wacky guy. >> yeah. >> but he also has a very serious side to him, especially when he's in the middle of shooting something. >> he's a very thoughtful actor. sometimes he's incredibly goofy and out there, and you're just like whoa, where's bill going and sometimes he's, you know, very focused and -- and -- and, you know, i enjoyed watching him. he never makes a bad move as an actor which as an actor watching one of my heros. his choices are just impeccable and we see that and it's that thing where you either have that or you don't, and he's just one of those, you know, actors. >> i think -- i feel like we've time. >> for a long time. >> and yet i read a little bit but and learned things about you each time i do that. we have something in common. each have a love of halloween. >> i love halloween. >> your brother oliver says you parties.
8:45 am
>> we throw great parties. >> and you pay for them. >> i saw that. that's true. he convinces me -- i'm one like every year or so, i don't know if i want to do it this year and oliver is like you're doing it, you're doing it, you're doing it. >> and you go all out with costumes. >> we go all out, theme it out and then me and my girlfriends all dress up the same. >> you show me yours and i'll show you mine. >> we've got pictures. >> narrate for me. what are we seeing here. >> which one are you? >> that's -- we were wildlings so we did a "game of thrones" theme and we all dressed up to say we with wildlings. >> yes. >> okay. >> that's your next one. take your next best shot. >> the that was -- i was a chicken. i was a breastfeeding chicken. >> yes. >> they were -- you know, it was a very interesting night. they were just all over the place.
8:46 am
>> i would sneak away and pump. it was awesome. >> is that you? >> who does this for you? >> the "saturday night live" people. we have help. it's not fair. >> this is not fair at all. >> i know, the other thick that i'm reading about you, are you aware about crazy interested people are in your personal life? >> oh, yeah, i am. >> how do you deal with that? >> i just sort of -- i block it out. i just block it out and keep moving forward on my priorities, my kids, my career and let all of the noise kind of -- >> right now personally is it fair to that you're out to have a good time, nice time, not real interested in a big realationship? >> i'm in one of the best places in my life i think i've been in, and so i'm enjoying my independence, and -- and enjoying just a very -- it's a very different time for me and i'm -- i feel really good and i've been working more than i ever, have and i've got a lot on my plate and that's -- that's
8:47 am
>> favorite date night? >> favorite date night. >> like what's may favorite thing to do. >> i mean, it depends. i like to have fun, but i also, you know, i like -- i like getting -- i like being cozy so if, you know, if i like someone, i like cozy. >> snuggie pajamas and good conversation and a bottle of wine. >> and some kind of reality tv show. i'll do that. >> i didn't see that coming. >> this movie is funy? it really is. "rock the kasbah." hits theaters on friday. pleasure. happy halloween almost. >> thank you. >> coming up, another big star, joan lunden shares their conversation, burks first, on a
8:48 am
we're back. it's 8:52 on pink power. at star whose mother died of ovarian cancer and he has a special project and our special correspondent joan lunden has more on this. good morning, joan. >> good morning, savannah. i spent time with patrick dempsey for the demsey challenge where the dempsey family come together for their community and in memory of his mother amanda. >> do not run over patrick and joan. >> the dempsey challenge is a
8:49 am
event to raise money for the patrick dempsey center for cancer hope & healing. >> that's all profit that goes to the center so that all the services are free so it's remarkable. >> since 2008 the dempsey center provides support, education and wellness services from massage to financial advice to anyone impacted by cancer for free. it was dempsey's mom who inspired his family to start the center. >> it was i think 1997 that your mom, amanda, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. >> the my sister called and said that mom had been diagnosed with cancer. she had ovarian cancer and the tumor was the size of a grapefruit and that she needed to go into surgery immediately. >> dempsey's mother battled her cancer for many years, but she also volunteered at the center. plus, she was kind of like mother hen to everybody who came in here. >> my mother would certainly control it, yes. that was part of her thing, but,
8:50 am
meant more to her than she could verbalize, and she wanted to give back, and she was incredibly vulnerable that always had a strong facade, you know, and for her to come back as a volunteer meant a lot to her and it meant a lot to the people in the community that she was here, too. >> all right. >> here we are. >> here we go, everyone. >> she led the survivor walk every year. she was really a symbol of hope in this community, wasn't she? >> she was a tremendous symbol of hope in this community. >> the center is locate in the dempsey's hometown of the lewiston, maine. >> did you act at all in school? >> i did a little bit of community theater and i was in a vaudeville troupe and did some juggling. >> little known fact about patrick dempsey. you left here, did i hear something about a unicycle at one point or something? >> yes, because i wanted to ski. >> and juggling, you juggled. >> i did. >> do you still juggle. >> yes. >> dempsey went on to act,
8:51 am
"grey's anatomy" and compete in professional auto racing, but he always makes time to come back home. >> what's it like to come back here and for all these theme see the hometown boy? >> there's a huge embrace from the community, and you just connect to everybody, someone who is in the midst of fighting cancer and then it becomes, wow, this is really special. >> in 2014, dempsey's mother lost her battle with cancer. >> well, your mom would be very, very proud. >> she would say sit up straight and could you shave. >> it's a family affair for dempsey who brings his kids to join in the fund-raising event. >> it's great to celebrate life with the survivors and the journey that they have been through. >> this year there were almost 4,000 participants in the dempsey challenge, raising over $1.1 million. >> if your mom was here now, what would you say to her? >> you know, i think it wouldn't be in words. i think it's just in behavior
8:52 am
with my mother. that would be not so much said to her but in the behavior and in the actions of what we're doing as a family and in her honor i think. >> patrick likes to emphasize it's the community and the volunteers who make the real difference with this center and for you bridget jones fans, patrick is in the middle of filming the next chapter. all he would divulge is that he plays an american, not surprisingly a love interest and the movie. >> that's a cliffhanger, joan. thank you so much. you can buy dear fellow citizen, your home is your castle. but sometimes the castle
8:53 am
i can show you how to borrow money for it and not break the budget. if you have a question about how a home equity line of credit could work for you, ask me. i can help. sincerely jose gomez fellow castle owner and fellow citizen.
8:54 am
down in the line of duty. fourth officer to be killed in less than a year. >> police at state water bridge university investigating a sexual assault. >> republican ready to step up to the speaker of the house spot on one condition. >> airline passenger goes over the line to try to get to his high school reunion. >> a lot of clouds and tracking rain showers coming up.
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